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Strange gardening habbits

On the Sunday Roast show (11th October) you may have remembered me talking about strange garden habbits and how hollywood actress Ellen Page pee’s in a bucket of compost! Here is the story! Let me know what you think, have you any strange gardening habbits or gardening tips?




Page: “Pee is an excellent source of nitrogen”

Saturday, October 10 2009, 19:36 BST

By Marcell Minaya, Entertainment Reporter


Rex Features

Ellen Page has reportedly taken a break from Hollywood to study permaculture design.

The Whip It star spent a month living on a settlement and learning how to integrate her daily life into the environment, reports Teen Hollywood.

Page said: “It’s about living in a holistic way with the earth and reintegrating our lifestyles with the natural cycles… It was amazing.

“Anyone at all who has a passion for it can learn about it and use in their lives in so many different ways… like peeing in a bucket and using it on your compost. Pee is an excellent source of nitrogen.”

Whip It, directed by Drew Barrymore, is currently in US cinemas. No UK release date has yet been announced.

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