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Gift/Gadgets for Christmas 2009!

Ok then well its mid-November now and whether we like it or not its that time of year that we have to start thinking about our Christmas shopping! Im quite good at getting my family and friends lots of useless junk for Christmas so Ive decided that this year I’m going to have a look for things that might actually be of some use to people. Here is what I have found!

Transparent Toaster

The transparent toaster

See your bread toasting!

Ok, you know how you like your toast, the problem is you can’t see how toasted your bread is. This is a problem that can be solved with a Transparent Toaster! You will never burn your toast again with this amazing invention as you are able to actually see how much your toast is toasted, the way it works is that it’s the glass that actually heats up rather than the metal in your traditional toaster….however…one drawback…..the glass doesnt actually heat up enough to toast your actual bread… pretty pointless…sorry! But with some more research we can be expecting it to hit the shelves very shortly!



The Slanket

You may have heard me mention this one before. It’s the ultimate get warm gift! The slanket! The slanket is a combination of a dressing gown and a blanket all in one. You know what its like, in the cold winter months when your sat watching TV and youve got your dressing gown on which doesnt quite cover the bottoms of your legs and your feet. A blanket also fails you as it has got no sleeves so that when you want to change channel with your remote or pick up your hot chocolate, your arms are exposed to the cold. Step in the slanket! The slanket is basically a blanket with sleeves and a hood so that your feet, arms and head (if you wish) can all be warm at the same time.


sat nag

The Sat Nag!

You have probably heard of a Sat Nav, but have you heard of a Sat Nag? Probably not I should imagine. Well for those fella’s reading who maybe sometimes go on long journeys with out your wife/partner/girlfriend the Sat Nag is the ideal thing to have in the car so that you don’t miss out on being nagged, shouted at and told to go the wrong way! Basically its a sat nav with a nagging female voice!  You can expect the Sat-Nag to give you the wrong directions, be very indecisive and blame you when you do finally get lost! For the female readers it also features lots of funny anti-men comments that will have you giggling and laughing at your bloke all the way to Skeggy! (Personally I wouldnt rely on the Sat-Nag to get you anywhere)

The Sony Rolly

This one may not be very useful but is certainly entertaining, it’s basically a robot thing that dances to the music on your iPod or from the radio or whatever device you attach it to. It can actually sense the beat and style of the music so that it is in perfect rhythm and timing with the audio! It’s difficult to explain so watch this demonstration video…


Dumbbell Alarm Clock
dumbbell alarm

Dumbbell Alarm Clock

I think this one is pretty clever. It’s a dumbbell, however it’s also an alarm clock. The purpose of this strange contraption is that to turn off the alarm when you wake up in a morning, you have to lift it 30 times, hence giving you some very much-needed and important excercise before you have even began the day!



 Handheld air conditioning!

hand-held air con
Hand-held air con!

Not much need for air conditioning around Christmas time but its something to purchase to prepare you the hot summer months! This is a handheld device (about the size of a mobile phone) that you use as a handheld air conditioning unit, perfect for when your at work in the hot sweaty office! All you do is get a small sponge with some water in it and squash it into the handheld device. You then get refreshing cool air blowing out at you!….or you could just buy one of those handheld fans?!

So that concludes my little round-up of gadgets for this Christmas. Most of you are probably thinking that they are the most irrelevant and useless items ever…you are probably right…but at least its got you thinking about whats out there.

If you do happen to be interested in any of the gadgets though then google them to find them for yourself. Im not posting links of places selling them because this is just a blog and is not meant for selling things.If you come across any interesting gadgets or ideas then please get in touch by leaving a comment below! Thanks!

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