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Jimbo’s Advent Calendar Awakens!

December 12, 2015

image.pngThe festive short videos are back. I’ve  been away from the YouTube world for a while so here is my attempt to reconnect. Product “reviews” are apparently the to do thing nowadays, so here is my Darth Vader Advent Calendar review.


I Met Football Before I Met You – How to donate/download

May 8, 2014

I Met Football Before I Met You – is an England World Cup song & video that I am using to fundraise for Macmillan Cancer Support. I’m too lazy to do a marathon and not keen on the idea of having a sponsored bath of baked beans. As this is the third time I have produced this song I have decided to put it to some good use this time and hopefully raise some pennies for a great cause.

Please watch and enjoy the video and then below you will find how you can donate to the cause or download the song – with proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support

Donate online

To donate (minimum of £2) please visit my JustGiving page – and once you have donated you will receive a link to a free download.


Or you can TEXT a donation by sending the following – IMFB74     £1 (or your preferred amount) to 70070


Alternatively you can download from the following places (in my dreams it could make the charts)

iTunes (79p)
Amazon (99p)
GooglePlay (99p)

Thank you for your support and…….COME ON ENGLAND!

My top 10 England Songs

May 7, 2014

So I’ve introduced you to the 2014 version of I Met Football Before I Met You, my England song raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Which got me thinking about my all time favorite England football songs.

And so here are my top 10 England songs! (click the links to view them on YouTube)

10) Back Home – England Squad of 1970

Before my time this one, but I do like it and I like the idea of the actual squad singing it, maybe this is something they could bring back, could you imagine Wayne Rooney belting out a World Cup song?

9) World at your feet – Embrace (2006)

This is actually a very good song and for that reason its only number 9. For me an England song has to have an element of cheese and this song is probably a little bit too serious for a football song despite being a very good. It was also chosen as the official England World Cup song for 2006.

8) England Crazy -Terry Venables (2002)

Old El Tel who is actually a decent singer had a go at an England song and I thought it was pretty good! Many wouldn’t agree.

7)  All Together Now – The Farm (Euro 2004)

This song actually got to number 4 in the UK charts on its original release in 1990 but it was remade and re-released for Euro 2004 by the band from Liverpool. It’s a feel good track and England internationals and football tournaments such as the World Cup or Euros are all about being as one no matter which club team you support so for me this one is definitely in my top 10

6)  Jerusalem – Fat Les (2000)

This is the first of two Fat Les England song attempts I have included in my top 10. It was made for Euro 2000 and I was lucky enough to hear it live at one of the last England games to be played at the old Wembley Stadium against Ukraine. A very passionate rendition of an old hymn. Not a cheesy, bouncy, poppy song  but it is a song I’d probably like to hear if I was about to out on the pitch and play for my country, it would really get me going. Unfortunately it didn’t get the England squad going that year.

5) Great Escape – England Supporters

This is a bit of a sneaky entry into my top 10. It’s not really an England song as such and its not been in the charts. However its one that we all have in our head at some point watching England while the band are playing it. There are a few good versions of the song out there  mixed by various DJ’s.

4) We’re on the Ball – Ant & Dec

I know you might be wondering how this can be as high as number 4 in my top 10 but I suppose it’s a guilty pleasure. Its catchy, its funny and it’s got England trumpets in it as well as everyone’s favorite duo Ant & Dec.

3) World in Motion – New Order (1990)

Probably one of the last England songs to have the actual players singing along to it. This is the famous New Order track which featured the John Barnes rap. Very catchy and many people would say this is one of the best!

2) Vindaloo – Fat Les (1998)

The second Fat Les song to feature in my top 10. “Me, my mom, my dad and my gran and a bucket of vindaloo”,  it’s just completely bonkers really, but it’s brilliant. Definitely a good anthem for when you leave the pub after watching the match!

1) Three Lions – Baddiel & Skinner/Lightening Seeds (1996 & 1998)

I don’t think many would argue against this being the number 1 in my list. Comedy duo David Baddiel and Frank Skinner teamed with the british band the Lightening Seeds to produce this very catchy and very brit poppy track. It doesn’t shy away from the fact that we always end up disappointed and the running theme of football coming home reminds us all just where football began, here in England!

Please feel free to let me know your top 10 and feel as free as a bird to disagree with mine!

I Met Football Before I Met You 2014 (England World Cup Song)

May 2, 2014


It’s World Cup time again and therefore I have decided to remake my “I Met Football Before I Met You” England football song and video. In 2010 it was featured on radio stations including BBC Radio Sheffield and also in the local newspapers such as the Sheffield Star. The song is about the ongoing struggle in a relationship when one persons first love is football!

This year I have decided that I want to do some good with the song and fund raise for a worthy cause. I have chosen to support Macmillan Cancer Support who I feel strongly about as they supported a friend, work colleague and my radio mentor who sadly died at just 40 years old last year.

This time I have had a lot of people helping with the video including Barnsley Sports Academy, Barnsley College staff, mascots Ozzie and Barney Owl of Sheffield Wednesday and other local football supporters from Sheffield United, Barnsley Football Club, Rotherham United and Leeds United. After all football brings us all together during a World Cup!

I hope you enjoy the song/video and if you do I would really appreciate it if you could donate and help me with my fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support, you can do this by visiting my JustGiving site

If you donate  I would be happy to provide you with a free download of the song should you be bonkers enough to want the song in your own personal collection. If you do donate please leave me an email address so that I can provide you with the download details.

But for now, enjoy the song and video and thanks for the support! Come On England!

Jimbo’s Christmas Message 2013

December 24, 2013

Waste of Web Space

Merry Christmas & Happy New

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WOWS Podcast Ep9

October 29, 2013

Waste of Web Space

Jimbo & Fisher are back with Episode 9 and as Danny Dyer is the new landlord of the Queen Vic on Eastenders they decide to go to the pub for this episode. No caterpillars or cats were harmed during the recording of this podcast but the sport Snooker probably was harmed.

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WOWS Podcast Ep8

September 18, 2013

Waste of Web Space

Jimbo and Fisher have a go on a magic 8 ball and discuss Silvio Berlusconi, Lab Made Burgers, exam results and Syria.

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