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The first entry

Well thought I’d give this blogging a go! Bit of a diary basically with a couple of opinions on stuff thrown in, don’t be afraid to disagree with me, its great to debate!

The Sunday Roast

Jimbo Penistone FM close

Sunday Roast 3pm-6pm

Well first of all I’m extremely pleased with the latest Sunday roast show (8th Nov) The listener interaction was incredible and it would seem that we have got a little bit of a following of regular listeners which is brilliant so thanks to those of you reading  who have been listening in and getting involved! The guess the common theme game is getting really popular and this week the theme was ‘magic’. As soon as I played the 3rd tune the phone was ringing off the hook with people getting their answers in!

Also theres been a lot of love on the text messages since the turn of November, people dedicating songs to their loved ones and so on. My theory for this sudden boost of texts of love is that people have begun fishing for good Christmas presents!! Yes I can be harsh! It’s great though that we can connect people through the Sunday Roast show especially when love birds can use the show to connect to each other when they are apart from one and other like Jo and Oz who regularly get in touch with me on the show! Although only the other night I did a Saturday night show and a couple were texting in fighting with each other. Debbie was texting in saying that her husband Nick was having a midlife crisis and refusing to shave his beard to which Nick replied ‘its cheaper than a tatoo or a motorbike!’ Must admit it made me chuckle.


Jedward to win

Now then, it would be stupid of me to ignore probably the biggest gossip of the week which is of course Jedward the terrible but strangely entertaining X-factor twins! I must own up to the fact that I had previously backed them to win because I have got the point where I think that the X-Factor has gone on for too long and is now sadly dominating and directly influencing our UK Chart positions and specifically ruining the fun and excitement of who is going to be Christmas number 1! For years it had been tradition to eagerly await the chart results to see who would hold the number 1 spot at Christmas and now it is unfortunately inevitably X-Factor who grab it. In fact without even knowing the winner and with Christmas still over a month away it’s already pretty much set in stone. So Ive decided that if the Twins were to win the X-Factor this year, then fans and maybe even some of the shows top dogs will boycott the show and the X-Factor will be no more! Sorry to be a spoil sport to those who can’t get enough of it but I think its run its course, again, disagree with me if you like and leave your comments at the bottom!

My week

Me and the Graduand!

I had a long weekend off from work (at college) so Im feeling really fresh now. I also attended my girlfriends graduation on Tuesday and had a great day although the actual ceremony was really really boring and very snobbish! As they usually are! I think they should modernise them a little bit, have a bit of a party and have the procession walk into some RnB music! Maybe have a fancy dress theme rather than the boring caps and gowns! After the graduation we went on the big wheel in Sheffield which is apparently only there until Christmas so Im glad Ive done it and there were some absolutely amazing views and you really see and get a feel of just what an amazing city Sheffield is. Will try to post some photos of the views shortly!

Last of all I’m extremely looking forward to hearing the  result of the chart battle between Robbie Williams and JLS, I hear its going to be extremely close as to whose album go’s in at number 1! We will find out on Sunday (15th Nov).

Thank you and if you would like to leave me a comment, disagree/agree with me or get in touch then comment below.

Don’t forget to tune into the Sunday Roast, until next time….tarar!



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  1. Jon - oxspring permalink
    November 12, 2009 9:05 pm

    Nice read jimbo, I don’t think you should be supporting them two pillocks though, Simon Cowell is an idiot for keeping them over that Lucie.

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