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Sunglasses, Halloween and Bacardi!

Like marmite?

It’s been a while since I last wrote a proper piece for the blog. In fact its nearly exactly a year ago. So just to recap and cast your mind back a year ago, at this time last year Jedwood on the X-Factor were becoming a household name or more accurately a sandwich filler product name (a little bit like marmite) and its fair to say…they still are.  At the time I was writing about how disappointed I had become that the Christmas number 1 chart battle each year had been ruined by the influence of the X-Factor and how each year it was inevitable that the winner of the X-Factor would be Christmas number 1. Well how wrong could I have been and oh dear, poor Joe Mcelderry. Rage Against The Machine helped by lots of internet support particularly the facebook group where the campaign started managed to actually beat the X-Factors winner to it!  I was happy at this but my only complaint was that it wasn’t very ‘Christmassy’ so let’s hope this year someone manages to get an actual Christmas song to number 1! 

Song was a hit, shame about the football!

Speaking of music. Since my previous blog entry last year I also had some success and spotlights with my World Cup song ‘I met football before I met you’. The response to this was quite amazing and I had some great support from fellow presenters on Penistone FM including Ian Goddard who played it on his breakfast show, so big thanks to Ian and everybody else who passed it around and gave it a plug and play. It also featured in the Sheffield Star and on BBC Radio Sheffield on Rony Robinsons mid morning show on which I also went in for an interview about it! Unfortunately while the rest of the country and I did our side of the bargain in getting right behind the team, buying our shirts and crossing all our fingers and toes, Capello’s men sadly and very disappointingly let us down and after a very dismal group stage, which we narrowly scraped through, we were eventually dumped out by our good old friends, the Germans. At the time I was watching it in Ibiza and its fair to say it ruined that day of my holiday! My YouTube hits for the video and song also sadly slowed down quite a lot. The odd YouTube user even vented their anger at the song as if it was my fault England had been knocked out! Oh Well! However still to this day I am having some good feedback for it and even had to sign my first autograph (out of costume) and have a photograph for some fans of the song.

So then enough of the year gone by what has been happening more recently. Well I’ve turned 23 and have started to get a little grumpier as most men do each year, in fact, I’m now exactly half the age of my dad and this only ever happens once. My dad was 23 when I was born which is really strange to think as I can’t imagine being a responsible parent at the age of 23. I suppose neither did he at the time though! One of the first things he did was leave a big bag of my nappies on the bus when at the time they had very little money to spend. So that’s the family history section complete for now…more next time maybe when I will tell you about the time I wet myself at nursery. (I’m only joking)

Xmas number one for Chilean miners?

The Chilean miners have been a talking point of late. In a nutshell they got stuck – they remained stuck – and then they were rescued. After they were rescued in order to protect their eyes from the sun which they hadn’t been exposed to for months they had to wear some impressive sunglasses. Sunglasses that would have been proud of. Maybe that’s why wears them, maybe he lives in a cave and due to his DJing lifestyle doesn’t see the sun as much as he would like to. Perhaps maybe the Chilean miners were not worried about the sun at all but felt that they had to now wear sunglasses to suit their celebrity status following all the media attention they received throughout the whole episode! Maybe they will be releasing a rap album with and trying to beat the X-Factor to number 1!


I am your father!

Now like the Chilean miners I may soon start to suffer when exposed to the Sun as the days draw shorter. When working at college I will arrive while its dark and leave when its dark. Working on the basement level there isn’t a spot of natural light so the only chance I may see the sunshine or natural daylight is maybe an hour at lunch. So maybe I will also have to start wearing some of these sunglasses like the miners! So with the days drawing shorter and nights getting longer along comes an ever-growing in popularity celebration, Halloween. I’m a massive fan of Halloween and it seems to be getting better each year as it becomes more and more commercialised. There’s always the eagerness to better your previous years costume. Last year I was Darth Vader complete with a dodgy breathing noise and this year I am scratching my head unsure of what to be? Shall I opt for another film based character or shall I go a little more traditional and look for something monster, ghost, ghoul or vampire themed? The problem is as I become more and more of a fan of the celebration more of my mates become less keen on the idea, I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be the only one out of us all in fancy dress this year.

Also on ghost related subjects I recently attended a paranormal investigation at Wentworth Castle Gardens. I covered this event for Penistone FM so I was with microphone on the night trying to pick up any ghostly activity and wasn’t disappointed! We had séances and used Ouija boards as well as learnt a little bit of history about the place. The most interesting part of the night though was while using a Ouija board a young girl called Kirsty managed to contact the spirit of her dad who had sadly died at the young age of 29 when she was only 6 years old. It was extremely emotional for her and a really good experience for those sceptics or non believers who witnessed the moment her dad was spelling out answers to questions that only she knew the answers too. I would like to thank Wentworth Castle and the Seeking Spirit Paranormal Team for having me and making me feel safe on the night. Although I’m pretty sure some spirits followed me at 12.30am while walking through the dark woods on my own back to my car. Maybe I was just on edge. You can listen to my report of the night here.

Lady Bacardi

I’ve also been lucky enough to speak to a local celebrity recently who now is going to be a part of the Sunday Roast show. Lady Bacardi, a drag queen portrayed by Christian Whiteley Mason has recently appeared on Channel 4’s popular show ‘Come Dine With Me’. Christian hosted his evening as his alter ego Lady Bacardi. Lady Bacardi along with his sister ‘Fanny Dee’ regularly put on charity adult drag shows in Barnsley raising money for some amazing causes. Now Lady Bacardi will also be helping host the Celebrity Love Ads quiz just after 5pm on my Sunday Roast Show each week. As I’m busy doing the show I can never cook my Sunday dinner so Miss Bacardi has very nicely offered to cook each week while helping to reveal the wrong and right answers of our celebrity love ads game. So make sure you tune into Penistone FM for the Sunday Roast every weekend between 3-6pm. To listen to an interview with Lady Bacardi click here

Or to listen to the full interview with Christian, the man behind the makeup click here

 Finally before I go I would like to mention the two members of the Penistone FM team who are going to be on the show each week. Becks and Becky (very confusing I know) will be joining me on the show to play along with our games and have a chit-chat about the weekly goings on in the news, I’m also going to be mentoring them to show them the ways of Penistone FM, this will probably be done by me making lots of mistakes to show them what not to do! (it’s all planned honest). So hopefully by the time I write my next load of babble on here Becks and Becky will be fully trained Penistone FM presenters themselves! So make sure you tune in to here Becks, Becky and myself on the air on Penistone FM every Sunday between 3-6pm!

As always, thanks for reading (well done for making it this far down the page, unless you have cheated and skipped down here) and please leave your thoughts or get in touch with me below, maybe a few Halloween fancy dress ideas if you have got any for me!

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