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About Me

That would be me

That would be me

Hey up, 

I am Jimbo and I’m already feeling old at 22 years of age. I was born in Sheffield and at first lived right next door to the Shefield Wednesday ground in Hillsborough and for that reason I’m a BIG Sheffield Wednesday fan (not always a good thing). I also work for the Owls in a mystery role down at Hillsborough as well as being a regular tour guide down there. I currently live in High Green (Arctic Monkeys home village) and as well as my work at Hillsborough my main full time job is down at Barnsley College working in the information and guidance team which although I’m new to the job has already been great already meeting lots of interesting new people.

The main thing though and the reason for this website is that I’m currently a radio presenter on local community radio station Penistone FM.  I currently have a Sunday afternoon slot 3pm-6pm, cleverly entitled  ‘Jimbo’s Sunday Roast’. I have had this radio show now since July 2009 and I’m pleased that it has recieved a good reaction from listeners so far and that it has developed a regular following. I really enjoy my 3 hours on air and I hope that it comes across that way when people listen to the show. The other volunteers down at Penistone FM are also really talented people, very dedicated and  fantastic group of personalities. To read more about my Sunday Roast show please go to the Sunday Roast page!

Although I have my degree in television production I have grown very fond of the radio industry and as a presenter and someone who likes to show my personality and interact with people, radio seems to have a lot more creative freedom than television does. I do however have a bit of a habbit and a hobby of creating my own comedy videos and uploading them to the internet for the world to see! These range from video blogs to pranks, holiday videos to spoofs, music videos and mini documentaries/mocumentaries. One of my proudest achievments is my comedy video report on the 2008 Earthquake felt in Sheffield (amongst other places) which is currently standing at around 12,000 views and was featured in ITV locals videos of the year! If you go to the links page then you’ll be able to find links to my videos if you fancy having a gander at my work.

Well anyway I think thats all I have to say for now so if I’ve not bored you too much and you’ve got any questions to ask me about anything then please ask by posting below and don’t forget to leave your name and where you are from!  Thanks!
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