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My Man vs Food Challenge

April 4, 2013

I haven’t blogged for a while other than update you with the WOWS Podcasts but I thought I’d try get back into it.

I’ve been wanting to take on a man vs food challenge for a while now after seeing it on the TV a few times. Lots of pub/restaurants have now added these types of challenges to their menus. I recently heard about some blokes who did a man vs food challenge at a local Taybarns all you can eat restaurant. They were trying to eat as many burgers as they could in 10 minutes and it was very close, it was a two horse race up until the final minute, which is funny really as only weeks later it was revealed that the burgers at Taybarns actually contained horse meat.


Before the challenge!

My challenge was with some of the blokes in my office at work and we had decided to go to the White Bear Pub in Barnsley to all attempt the High and Mighty Burger! This was a burger consisting of 3 beef burgers, 2 rashes of bacon, 1/2 chicken steak, 3 garlic bread slices, melted cheese, onion rings, fried egg, salsa topping, BBQ sauce and a double helping of chips! (doesn’t look quite as scary on the picture).

I took a tactical approach to the challenge, first of all trying to decide what drink I should have. I wanted to ask for water but backed out and decided to ask for orange juice. Anything fizzy would have been a nightmare, the less bubbles the better was my thought. Thinking about it now though, asking for orange juice basically meant that I had an orange on top of all the other food on my plate. Maybe water would have been a better idea.

I then had to think about how to tackle the meal itself. The burger was simply too big to manually handle, it would have slipped around everywhere and probably ended up on my lap and I wouldn’t get away with brushing big bits of burger onto the floor as my very competitive work mates were watching very closely. I decided to get rid of the fried egg and put it to one side, there was no way I was eating egg. I don’t like  egg. So I “hatched” a plan to possibly say that I was allergic to egg. However it didn’t work and I “cracked” under pressure from my work mates. I had to admit that I just didn’t like fried egg. This meant that technically I would fail before I’d even started as there was no way I was eating the egg. I ended up with egg on my face there. Anyway..

I decided that I would try to get rid of all the meat first, avoiding the burger bun, garlic bread and chips. This seemed like a great idea as I confidently munched through two whole burgers, the chicken and the two rashes of bacon, breaking up the meat marathon with the occasional onion ring. In terms of the meat, I was then left with just one burger. However I still had my chips, garlic bread and burger bun completely untouched and I was already starting to feel the burger sweats.

After the challenge

After the challenge

Looking around the table there was similar devastation, it looked as though North Korea had struck my work mates with nuclear food missiles. All seemed to be struggling. Paul, a graphic designer had gone for the complete opposite tactic to me and had ate all bread and potato based food first being left with just 3 burgers. However one man on the table looked to be powering through. Garry – former bouncer turned college adviser was demolishing his meal with no obvious tactics.

I managed to finish the last beef burger meaning I’d manage to get rid of all the meat content, I made a makeshift chip buttie using the top burger bun. I was seriously struggling, the top button on my work trousers was crying out to be undone. After a couple of bites of garlic bread I waived the white flag and gave in. It was a brave effort but I’m not a large lad…admittedly a little short and stocky with a bit of a  belly but just not big enough to handle it.

Looking around I could see Paul had given up, opting for the bread and chips first tactic he had had got through all but two beef burgers but had left it there, declaring himself out, a bit like Duncan Bannatyne. Connor, Gavin and Jake had also given up – the youngest Connor had cleverly tried to spread his food around his face to make his plate look more empty. Garry on the other hand had done it. He had completely smashed it and crowned himself champion and didn’t even looked a little bit fazed.Walking back to the office holding my stomach and short of breath I asked Garry “So how did you do it? What was your strategy?” Garry replied “erm..I just ate my food”

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