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Paranormal Investigation at Wentworth Castle & Gardens

October 21, 2010

On Friday the 15th of October I was sent by Penistone FM to Wentworth Castle and Gardens to take part in a paranormal investigation with Barnsley Ghost Hunting team Seeking Spirit Events. Now I’m not a believer, nor a non believer and being a big fan of the TV show Most Haunted I was very excited if a little scared about what the night may bring. I was warned by the Paranormal team that usually something happens, usually contact is made with the spirit world and that if I get scared, I shouldn’t run! (Health & Safety).

So armed with a microphone and audio recorder we set on our way into the old Wentworth mansion now turned college (Northern College). I managed to take part in numerous activities such as using a Ouija board with our fingers on a glass to try to contact spirits and ask them to spell out their names and messages. I held a séance with the Seeking Spirit team forming a circle around a table touching finger tips and asking spirits to come towards us. I also took part in an activity where you keep your hands on a circle and ask for spirits to make tapping noises or to make the table move. I have to say all of the above proved to be very lively. There was very distinctive tapping on the table and several people managed to contact the spirits of their former relatives. To listen to a spooky report of the night please click here …… dare you listen? Click here to leave your comments

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