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Old School!

October 18, 2009
my school pals, Im in the red shirt bottom right!

my school pals, Im in the red shirt bottom right!

This week with my work I returned to my old secondary school for the first time in 5 years to attend a careers event. It was a bizarre experience as you could imagine as its the first time I had returned since I left 5 years ago! It brought back lots of old memories especially because it seemed like nothing at all had changed since when I was there as a pupil. The teachers were still wearing exactly the same clothes as they wore when they taught me, and the pupils were still as cheeky (to put it nicely) as my friends and I were when we were roaming the corridors! In fact the last time I smelt a stink bomb, was when I was at school over 5 years ago and on my first return to the school since I left, a stink bomb was set off by a student, so not only was it familiar sights and familiar faces of teachers that I experienced but also the memorable aroma of a stink bomb! (Nice!) So for the Sunday Roast show this week (18th Oct) I thought we would have a bit of a school themed show! What are your memories of school? Were they happy days? What do you miss and what don’t you miss? What were the songs that made up the soundtrack of your time at school? Whatever it is then please get in touch with the show to do that simply click here!

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