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WOWS Podcast Ep.37 All Other Podcasts Are Fat & Smell Funny

November 14, 2018

Prince William and Kate are visiting Rotherham & Barnsley.

Jimbo takes part in Anti Bullying Week by bullying Fisher using modern slang he doesn’t understand.



WOWS Podcast Ep.36 Two Podcasters & Their Big Sausages….Episode

October 31, 2018

Jimbo whips out his sausage facts for National Sausage Week and makes Fisher sit on sausages.

Did you know the worlds longest sausage was made in Sheffield?

Fisher quizzes Jimbo on what people have searched google for to find out what is and isn’t legal.


WOWS Podcast Ep.35 Nobody Puts This Podcast in The Korma

October 17, 2018

It’s National Curry Week (from Monday 22nd Oct) so Jimbo hosts a curry themed quiz and Fisher talks about smashed testicals and other unfortunate injuries sports stars have picked up.


WOWS Podcast Ep.34 Coffeecast, Milk & Two Sugars

September 29, 2018

Finally some success! Gogglebox’s Reverend Kate Bottley sort of agrees to Jimbo & Fisher’s podcast ideas.

Jimbo hosts a coffee quiz for International Coffee Day and Fisher takes us back to 80’s with a feature on of the Royal Family It’s A Knockout.


WOWS Podcast Ep.33 Juliet Whisky, Charlie Foxtrot

September 19, 2018

Its National Coding week so Jimbo challenges Fisher to crack his code. Jimbo dramatically quits the podcast midway through just before Fisher hosts a quiz about Salisbury.


WOWS Podcast Ep.32 Podcast About Spa’s (Not the shops)

September 5, 2018

Horses on trains, dancing Prime Ministers and swearing parrots.
It’s also National Spa Week from September the 10th so Jimbo runs a real or fake spa treatments quiz for Fisher.


WOWS Podcast Ep.31 The Left Handed Podcast

August 15, 2018

Jimbo & Fisher are going left handed for this podcast as it has been “Left Handed Day”.

For the regular irregular feature, Fisher gives Jimbo some scenarios in which he bumped into some celebrities and Jimbo has to guess which scenario is the truth.

left hand

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