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WOWS Podcast Ep.13 Our Human Right to Podcast

December 7, 2017

Jimbo and Fisher are back with episode 13 to discuss Human Rights on Human Rights Month, the Royal Wedding, Donald Trump and what the bloody hell beard transplants are.


WOWS Podcast Ep.12 The On Sale Black Friday Episode

November 22, 2017

via WOWS Podcast Ep.12 The On Sale Black Friday Episode

WOWS Podcast Ep.11 is here!

November 8, 2017

via WOWS Podcast Ep.11 No Traces of Meat, Dairy or Leather Trousers

WOWS Podcast Ep.10 Back From The Dead

October 27, 2017

We are back with the WOWS Podcast after a 4 year break!

via WOWS Podcast Ep.10 Back from the Dead — Waste of Web Space

WOWS Podcast to Make a Comeback

October 21, 2017

After a 4 year hiatus (that’s what it was, we didn’t split up like INSERT BOY/GIRL BAND HERE) the WOWS Podcast presented by myself (Jimbo) and Fisher (not myself) will be back wasting more webspace and more of your time (should you choose to listen) very soon. Here’s everything you need to not really know […]

via WOWS Podcast to Return — Waste of Web Space

Snowman Caraoke

December 17, 2016

Went a bit overboard on office Christmas Jumper day this year. Here I am on the way to work doing some Caraoke! 

Mannequin Challenge – We Have News

November 23, 2016

So at weekend my wife and I decided to reveal the news that we are going to have our first child in May 2017. We thought we would do a topical announcement by doing our very own Mannequin Challenge video. So here it is. 

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